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@TechLord, Great to hear! I'm glad the files are still around. Do you (or anyone else) know who ran the Woodmann forum previously? It might be best to ask for their blessing before moving forward with recreating the site and standing on the shoulders of that community's work.

That being said, I would love to see the Woodmann site return! I think that there is great value in actively maintaining the pages, including the one you mentioned.

I don't think any argument can be made about tools being illegal in most free countries. After all, IDA and others sell their tools as commercial products with no concern. Knowledge for knowledge's sake is perfectly fine. The problem arises when discussing illegal activities such as theft of software and copyright infringement. Reversing is not a crime!

Another example, malware researchers are providing active malicious samples for sharing, then I don't see why some tools should pose a problem. Some may disagree, they don't have to visit that web site.
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