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Old 10-22-2018, 19:26
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MD5 replace tool


I just wrote a quick tool to patch all occurrences of a file inside a program folder (no matter the file name) given an MD5 checksum.
It is useful when the original files may have different names and are present in multiple sub directories.


python replace.py 098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6 c:\mysoftware license.dll

-> 098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6: is the MD5 of the original files to be replaced by the cracked file. You can get the MD5 checksum by using powershell with the function Get-FileHash -alg md5 ORIGINAL_FILE
-> c:\mysoftware is the folder of the software
-> license.dll is the path to the cracked file

You can also edit the file and set DEBUG_MODE=True to only print the occurrence of the files instead of replacing them.

Compiled version is also available attached.

import os
import sys
import hashlib
import shutil


if len(sys.argv) < 4:
  print("Usage: python replace.py FOLDER MD5_SUM FILE_PATH_TO_REPLACE_BY")

g_path = sys.argv[1]
md5_to_find = sys.argv[2]
to_replace_by = sys.argv[3]

if not os.path.isfile(to_replace_by):
  print("Error: the path of the file to replace by does not exists")

def md5sum(fname):
    hash_md5 = hashlib.md5()
    with open(fname, "rb") as f:
      for chunk in iter(lambda: f.read(4096), b""):
    return hash_md5.hexdigest()
  return "ERROR"

for root, directories, filenames in os.walk(g_path):
  for filename in filenames:
    full_path = os.path.join(root, filename)
    checksum = md5sum(full_path)
    #print(full_path, md5sum(full_path))
    if not DEBUG_MODE and checksum == md5_to_find:
      print("Replacing [%s] by [%s]" % (full_path, to_replace_by))
      shutil.copy(to_replace_by, full_path)
    elif checksum == md5_to_find:
      print("Should replace [%s] by [%s]" %  (full_path, to_replace_by))
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