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Old 01-13-2023, 01:54
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I lost my laptop, is it possible to recover


I lost my laptop, it is possible to recover it with some localization software on the network. digital
I know that with Win10 it can be located, but I have looked for it and I have not found it.
Maybe it was already formatted and they are using it.
It's a dell workstation laptop, I hope I can recover.

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Old 01-13-2023, 05:05
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Cool Find My Device feature

If you had configured Find My Device feature of Windows, then sign-in online to your Microsoft account and open https://account.microsoft.com/devices link.

But even if you'll find your device in that list, the only option you have is to just lock it.
There is no option 'bring my device back', unfortunately.

So more adequate solution is to consult your local police dept, ask for video from cameras etc.
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Use https://preyproject.com/.

If you configured this previously you can get an estimated location.
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