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Old 05-07-2018, 00:05
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CRACKER (Since 2015)

It's binary files patcher for WIN32, with standard Windows GUI.
His user interface reproduces the most successful samples of similar programs from the last century.
(The list of analogs for DOS see below, in --add--)

Download current:
CRACKER v.002b (6 may 2018) - Size ~25Kb UPX'ed. Portable.

(1st released here: https://exelab.ru/f/index.php?action...=3&topic=23834 <- See screenshots).

CRACKER Features:

--- Works with crack-files at formats CRK,CRA,XCK,CRX.

--- Supported commenting at Cracker Advanced (CRA.EXE,CRA386.EXE) style, but CRA options #SIZE, #CHCKSUM, #RUN etc. ignored.

--- Supported cyrillic in DOS/WIN codepage (can select),

--- LFN for crack-files and patched files names.

--- Patching file offsets can be given as absolute offsets, also as VirtualAddress for WIN32 PE-files. Then address must be started with dot, for example:
.00401005: 72 EB ;Virtual Address (VA)
Version 0.002a+ supports RVA for WIN32-PE files, then address must be started with two dots, for example:
..0001005: 72 EB ;Relative Virtual Address (RVA)
CRK-files in this case (with VA/RVA for PE-EXE) may be maked with CMP32 v.0.002b: -> Download here <- - Size ~5kb UPX'ed. (Upd. 03 June 2018).
Also available HIEW32 HEM-Plug-In CRACK.HEM -> Download here <- Size ~10kb, UPX'ed.

By the way, it was this necessity that used VirtualAddresses and prompted finally to get busy with this software.

.00401005: 72 ?? ;check byte
.00401005: ?? EB ;force write byte
--- DOS/WIN editors call for selected crack-file editing (can assign two editors, for DOS/WIN modes).

--- Works in Win9x and in Win7x64 Ok.

--- Two fixed sizes of main dialog window - compact for 640x480 and spacious for high resolutions.

--- All options are duplicated with hot-keys, thus it is possible to work without mouse. Get help with <F1> key.

--- Option "glass", a-la Vitrite.exe

--- Option "on top", a-la OnTop.exe

--- Last fix - correct minimizing into Windows TaskBar.

Example of CRK file:

;here may be blank lines

;This is example of simple CRK file

FIXING OF Proga v.1.2 ;CRK-Header string. Commenting using ';' char
#SIZE = 3333 ; line ignored,
#CHKSUM = 32233223 ;ignored - compatibility with CRA286.EXE (C2U.EXE)
#RUN = UPX -d ; ignored too

;!Next blank line is required!

1) Remove nags ; crack1 ;;verbose commenting style
comment strings here too.
(But ';' char must be at 1st line position.)
Proga.EXE ;(unpacked!)
comment strings here. But ';' char must be at 1st line position.
000000222: cc 90
comment strings here too. But ';' char must be at 1st line position.
.00403С40: 72 EB
; Virtual Address

;Next blank line is required!

2) Fix trial time
; crack2
Proga.EXE ;(unpacked!)
.00402222: 72 EB
; Virtual Address
000000333: 80 00
; Absolute file offset
Drv\Proga.DLL ;(unpacked!)
.00403С55: 73 EB
; Virtual Address

;) That's all folks

- Here described two cracks in one crk-file. With option "Patch All" we can apply (patch & un-patch) both at one click or separately crack1 or crack2.


Old analogs of CRACKER (for DOS):

1) CRACKER.EXE v.1.1 (by Corner Crackers, 1991)
2) Program Cracker (by Dr.Stein's labs, 1993)
3) CRA v.0.2.16, CRA386.EXE v.0.2.14 (by Nimnull, 1996)
4) CRK (by Bolshun/Ivanov, 1996)
5) CRACK-STUDIO (by Turansoft, 1997)

See also:
Old archive of CRK-files, from CornerCrackers, 1991 (with additions) - useful for testing and historical purposes.

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