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Old 02-18-2013, 19:23
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[Nanomite] x64/x86 debugger - GUI and Class

Hey all,

Nanomite is a graphical debugger I wrote in Cpp and supports x64, x86 and WOW64 debugging and also offers different features ( shown in Pictures below). It uses the windows debugging api, beaengine and dbghelp. No GUI framework has been used! The x64 version of the debugger can debug x64 and WOW64 and the x86 only x86. If you are debugging multiple processes ( child processes of the main application) you can select the process for each action over a drop down menu which appears when you click a button in the main gui. In the most windows the data is sorted by the Process ID. Currently no data modification is possible (like memory, opcodes, regs or something else) but its something that will come!

Of course there is a lot of work to be done and the GUI is just ugly but maybe some of you want to help and commit code and YES its fully open source for all . Issues ( I already have a lot known ones) will be fixed as soon as I have time. Also I will write a manual for the GUI and the class ( see below ) to cover "how to use, how does it work and is it able to" questions.

You can download the binarys from the git repro (Nanomite.exe, dbghelp.dll and NanomiteConfig.ini are needed if you want to test the Debugger):

also I want to offer you a class I wrote in Cpp. This class offers different features for debugging and supports x64, x86 and WOW64 debugging and is the core of Nanomite. If you want me to add some features or find bugs than reply here or write me an email / pm. If you need a sample how to use it than you can take a look at :
Please keep in mind that this is a free time project and I only work on it when I have time. If you want to contribute I would be happy about emails, pm´s and posts to this topic. Ideas, Feature requests and bug reports are welcome .

Greetz Zer0Flag

The Author will be with us soon .
Ur Best Friend Ahmadmansoor
Always My Best Friend: Aaron & JMI & ZeNiX
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