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Old 01-26-2014, 23:03
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TitanEngine Community Edition

Hello everyone,

Together with cypher I started working on an update for the famous TitanEngine. The main intention for the 'community edition' is bugfixing, but there are also several features added. We want to keep the original function names and arguments of TitanEngine v2, but in some cases the function arguments were for example incompatible with 64-bit systems.
Various changes:
  • Fixed hardware breakpoints (various problems in x32 and not working in x64);
  • Fixed memory breakpoints (still needs some checks);
  • Changed exception handling (now only non-debugger-handled exceptions are reported);
  • Fixed TitanEngine64 (never started debugging);
  • Pieces of code rewritten;
  • Fixed DumpProcessExW (found/fixed by Aguila);
  • Added various callbacks (SetCustomHandler);
  • Added memory breakpoint on execute;
  • Added QWORD hardware breakpoints;
  • Smaller and cleaner DLL Loaders (written in NASM);
  • Support for multiple calling conventions (TITCALL), default changed to _cdecl;
  • MinGW import libraries (for compatibility with x64_dbg);
  • Fixed exception handling;
  • Import reconstruction -> Scylla (cypher);
  • Various other bugfixes too small to mention;
  • StepOver calls StepInto when needed (RET, JMP, REP).
  • StepInto calls StepOver when needed (PUSHFD)
Find downloads on the repository.
Please report bugs/feature suggestions in another thread in this forum.
If you want to contribute, just send me and/or cypher a private message.
Mr. eXoDia & cypher

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