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Old 05-08-2016, 01:44
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CrackMes.de Static Mirror

Ever since a few years ago crackmes.de became unavailable for a week or so I've been worried about what would happen if it goes down permanently.
So I decided to create an offline mirror of it.

Please notice I am strictly forbidding you to use the provided material to create a mirror as long as the original website is up and running. I am distributing this because I think decentralization is important and I want as many people as possible to be able to reach the admins should they ever want to create a replacement.
However, to enforce in some way my conditions I won't be distributing this indiscriminately. Instead, I'll make sure only trusted (read: Family and above) members of this forum will be able to download the file by having the MEGA.nz link posted here and the decryption key attached.
No exceptions will be made. PMing me will not lead to anything.
CrackMes.de staff has made an excellent work through the years to keep it running smoothly, and I don't want some random person to take all their (and the 1000s of contributors) work and turn it into some subscription based crap or paid links crap or w/e crap.

Please understand how much this all is important to me. Many excellent websites related to reversing filled with precious knowledge and sources and tools and challenges have simply disappeared through the years. I do not want to see the same happen to crackmes.de, nor I want to enable greedy f*cks to subvert the spirit of openness of that community.
Those are the reasons behind the existence of this mirror and the distribution rules.


DL: hxxps://mega.nz/#!PVdFnT5J
Decryption key: attached

Inside the archive: crackmes, solutions, static (html) crackmes pages with comments.
Folder structure is as follow:
  +<author's name>
   +-<crackme name>/
     +-index.html (description, discussion)
     | +-<crackme.archive>
     +-solutions/ (only if available of course)
       +-<solution author's name>
Attached Files
File Type: txt decryption.key.txt (44 Bytes, 11 views)

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Old 05-08-2016, 05:09
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I was wondering the same thing about a site which went down a few years ago. A pity nobody mirrored it then heh...
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Old 05-08-2016, 11:12
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On my taste, WinRar (with 10% recovery info) is preferred for backup purposes. I'm personally avoid to use 7z.
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Old 05-08-2016, 17:30
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This is a very great service you have done to the reversing community !
I was also wondering what would happen if the site goes down permanently and my uploading the archive you have saved all of us a lot of effort.

Something really commendable my friend
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Old 01-16-2019, 19:07
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A mirror of crackmes.de and a rebirth project with modern look, similar to hackthebox:
http://crackmes.cf/ - crackmes.de mirror
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