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Old 06-14-2004, 03:27
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How can I detect whether a 'Virtual machine' is currently running?

Is there any way to detect whether an app is running in a virtual machine (like in vmware or Virtual PC)?

Thanks for any ideas.
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Old 06-14-2004, 03:35
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Yes, check http://z0mbie.host.sk for VMWare detection and http://www.woodmann.net/forum/showthread.php?t=5991 for VirtualPC
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Old 06-14-2004, 20:02
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Im trying to work out BOCHS detection.......
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Old 06-15-2004, 05:14
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yes as doug already said you can use z0mbies article and also in 29A#7 there was article @ http://29a.host.sk/29a-7/Articles/29A-7.029
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Old 06-15-2004, 17:49
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note that Z0mbies method doesn't work on VirtualPC 2004.

There's a simpler way to check it. Look at below script, taken from elsewhere

PHP Code:
Debug Off
Break On
Dim $iRC
Dim $VMWUser,$VMWPath,$VMWVer,$VMWToolsVer,$HKLMSCCS,$HKLMSMWCV,$CVMVer,$CVMMapper,$CVMMapperVer
$Kix "4.22"  
$Msg MessageBox('This Script requires at least KiXtart 4.22 ','Version Check',4112)  

$HKLMSCCS     'HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet'
$HKLMSMWCV    'HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion'
$VMWUser      Trim(ReadValue($HKLMSMWCV '\Run','VMware User Process'))
$VMWPath      ReadValue($HKLMSMWCV '\App Paths\vmware.exe','Path')
$VMWVer       GetFileVersion($VMWPath +'\vmware.exe','ProductVersion')
$VMWToolsVer  GetFileVersion(ReadValue($HKLMSCCS '\Services\VMware Tools Service','ImagePath'),'ProductVersion')
$CVMVer       GetFileVersion(Left(ReadValue('HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Virtual.PC.Floppy\DefaultIcon',""),-5),'ProductVersion')
$CVMMapper    ReadValue($HKLMSCCS '\Services\VPCMap','DisplayName')
$CVMMapperVer GetFileVersion(ReadValue($HKLMSCCS '\Services\VPCMap','ImagePath'),'ProductVersion')
'VMWare Running: ' $VMWToolsVer
'VMWare Installed: ' $VMWVer
'Connectix Running: ' $CVMMapperVer
'Connectix Installed: ' $CVMVer 
it's for a particular scripting lang, but it can be easily understood to see which reg keys it is checking.
It works on VPC 2004 also.

I think that the VPCMap.exe file is always present into a VirtualPC
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Old 06-16-2004, 17:44
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Crackproof Your Software.pdf

There is a book in this forum's ftp /share/e-books/
Pavol Cerven - Crackproof Your Software
The book describe some methods to detect softice,virtual pc yet.
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