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Old 01-13-2017, 23:22
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SignatureToDetour: Converts IDA Pro signatures to C++ Detours

this tool is helpful when you try to hook functions that aren't in the Win32 API.

Given a signature like the following from IDA Pro:
PHP Code:
char __cdecl sub_1193D40(int a1unsigned int a2signed int *a3_BYTE **a4, const char *a5
SignatureToDetour will output ("InternalFunction" being the user supplied desired name):
PHP Code:
char(__cdecloriginalInternalFunction)(intunsigned intsigned int *, BYTE **, const char *);
char hkInternalFunction(int a1,  unsigned int a2,  signed int *a3,  BYTE **a4,  const char *a5)

originalInternalFunction = (char(__cdecl*)(intunsigned intsigned int *, BYTE **, const char *))DetourFunction((PBYTE)INTERNALFUNCTION_ADDRESS, (PBYTE)hkInternalFunction); 
PHP Code:
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Good tool. Maybe it's better to Write IDA plugin.
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Old 01-23-2017, 21:14
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very nice, always have to do it manually!
Ŝħůb-Ňìĝùŕřaŧħ ₪)
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detours, hook, ida pro plugin

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