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Old 09-16-2018, 09:12
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Post Decrypt Plesk PHP files

This is a simple method for decrypting Plesk PHP files.

Trace "_efree" in "/usr/bin/sw-engine" with Frida, like this:

cd /usr/bin
frida-trace -i "_efree" ./sw-engine /opt/psa/admin/htdocs/index.php
Then edit the handler that Frida has generated for you. It should be located at

Copy this inside the handler:

        onLeave: function (log, retval, state) {
                if (this.returnAddress == 0x9cc2d6) {
                        var s_addr = this.context.r15.add(128);
                        s_addr = Memory.readPointer(s_addr);
                        var s = Memory.readUtf8String(s_addr);
                        var fd = new File("/tmp/decrypted.php", "w");
Finally, run again the frida-trace command. You'll get the decrypted file in /tmp/decrypted.php

Note that this is for investigation purposes only. If you like Plesk, pay for it. I'm not responsible for any bad usage of this code.

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