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Old 05-15-2022, 04:55
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Question How to find Audio dropouts in VST3 audio plugin?

Hello this is more an educational question.

i have been triying to understand how to find out how hard it is to find and patch audio dropouts and/or noise playing after X seconds in VST(3) plugins on windows.

An example coming to my mind is Sinevibes Blend for example:


(ignore the mac setup, i am interested in the windows plugin)

That is not a request in general, i simply want to understand how attacking such demo versions with such a demo penalty works.

So what happens?
You fire up the plugin and in the middle of using it after X seconds, it will play noise or/and the audio will be silenced (audio dropout).

I am having trouble understand how to find out where to patch the plugin and determine that way how hard it would be.

The example above is really just one out of a lot plugin examples.

VST plugins need some kind of host to run, savihost, reaper could do for that.

My initial idea is that the code runs above the DSP as it even plays noise, when the plugin has its dry/wet knob on 0%, so fully dry.
So directly under the audio processing main thread/function. But how to tap into that code region?

Thanks for reading.

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