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Old 03-03-2021, 23:01
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What's the story with these two trash blogs?

Stumbled across this exetools​(dot)l​i​v​e site which, at first glance, is obviously some vendetta. Scanning over a couple of the posts, they appear to have some grudge against exetools and some guy named T​o​ny. I personally don't know a thing about the guy, nor am I very familiar with the interpersonal history of these forums, but my bullshit alarms rang constantly in my mind while reading any of it. Their screenshots of a (T​S​R​h?) chatbox seem hilariously fabricated, along with pretty much everything else this guy says, smells of slander.

Then the T​o​n​y​W​e​b guy's site that he links to is full of posts shamelessly(or perhaps proudly shameful?) selling releases from various RE communities. The layout of the site is remarkably similar to the other site, and even the language patterns seem similar aside from this guy referencing "the LORD" a lot in consistently righteous attitude. Then I spot the inevitable post about the other site, strengthening their relationship..

Are these just people that were banned in the past and can't let it go? Are they the same person with some very off-putting fixations?
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