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Old 04-01-2023, 03:57
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Question Where to start? Where to go? The right reversing path (?)

Hello dear friends, hope you can give me some advises on where to go, because Im a little confused about how to create a good learning curve.I tried to search a similar post to not make a new one but I didnt found.

Im very interested on how things work, not only computers, mechanic, medicine, etc. I did 14 years ago a Certification that lead my to a work that I like what I do and plus it puts food in the table for my family. In that certification they make me do in the 48 hour exam a 32bit shellcode (It was a MessageBox) and I had to exploit an Overflow bypassing ASLR on Vista.

Now Im on the need of going deep down the rabbit-hole , in Coding and Operating Systems. I collected a lot of courses but no one satisfies me really, because I never end finishing anyone, so Im here to ask help on where to start.

I want to learn how use debuggers , understand the basics of Reversing, but with a good base. I know bits of things, but Im not in deph what I would like to be.

In this post @blue_devil, and @chessgod101 , tried to help me and gave me Assembly references to start:

Im seeing RIcardo Narvaja`s reversing courses, but I feel its not enough, Im not having FUN*. I dont know what im doing wrong.

I was seeing all the old posts , and I very exited to be here in a forum with so many people who knows a lot, and is humble. I was doubting to start this post because one always should try to find its own path, but Im really kinda stuck.

Thanks for Reading,
Your forum buddy, Rampage.
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