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Old 03-19-2018, 17:30
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[C] Winapi Call Dynamically and easily

This Small Function Let You call winapi dynamically, without having to define function definition, or writing nonsense wrappers.

void* DynCall(void *ptr, ...)
	char* function;
	char* library;
	va_list va;
	void *p;
	int i = 0;
	DWORD argBuf[32];
	DWORD ret;
	HANDLE lib;

	va_start(va, ptr);
	library = ptr;
	function = va_arg(va, void*);
	p = va_arg(va, void *);
	if(!(lib = GetModuleHandleA(library)))
		lib = _LoadLibraryA(library);
	if (!lib)
		error("Cant load libarary %s", library);
	void *funcAddress = _GetProcAddress(lib, function);
	if (!funcAddress)
		error("Cant Find Dynamic Address %s", function);
	for (; p != 0xb33f; p = va_arg(va, void *)) {
		argBuf[i++] = p;
	for (i--; i >= 0; i--)
		p = argBuf[i];
		_asm {
			push p
	_asm {
		push lb
		jmp funcAddress
		mov ret, eax
	return ret;
Example :

DWORD dwResult = DynCall("ntdll.dll","NtUnmapViewOfSection",
Dont forget to add one extra paramater at end i.e 0xb33f

I think it will be useful to someone.
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