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Old 04-01-2018, 22:24
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HIEW32 Plugins Collection

Simple useful plugins for HIEW32, created 2017:

CRACK.HEM HEM-PlugIn - compares binary files. Reports differences as CRK-file for using with CRACKER.EXE.
Adds to CRK as comment all available defined HIEW32 labels/names.
(Original idea by Jupiter).

GOTO.HEM HEM-PlugIn for locate some positions in MZ & PE-EXE.

PE_RWE.HEM HEM-PlugIn - sets attributes of all sections in PE into r/w/e. (See comment at post#3)
(Original idea by me).

PE_TAILS.HEM HEM-PlugIn - corrects "tails of sections" in PE. (Sets VirtSize>=PhisSize for all) (See comment at post#3)
(Original idea by me).

PE_HINTS.HEM HEM-PlugIn - for correcting import hints in 32-bit PE-file.
(Original idea by FalseMaster:
Discussed here: https://exelab.ru/f/index.php?action=vthread&forum=3&topic=24033

PE_OVL.HEM HEM-PlugIn - Manipulates with PE-file Overlay.

PE_ASLR.HEM HEM-PlugIn - Sets/Clears RelocationsStripped Bit in PE-header.

BLOCK.HEM HEM-PlugIn - operations with Block (Xor,Add,Sub string or file) (16Mb max.).
(It's minor modification of standard HEM-plugin example).

BL_MD5.HEM HEM-PlugIn - calculates MD5 sum of marked block (16Mb max.)

MBYTES2.HEM HEM-PlugIn - Converts selected block of bytes into C/Asm "DB/DW/DD" code. Paste it from Clipboard.

KBD_CYR.HEM HEM-PlugIn - for russify keyboard input in HIEW32.EXE.
Available 6 keyboard mappings (LAT, RUS/UKR DOS/WIN, and DOS-ps.graphics)
Starts when loaded, after pressing in HIEW32 <F11>-key.
(Original idea by me).
KBD_CYR.PNG - optional - Simple picture-help for KBD_CYR.HEM keyboard switcher.

1st released here:

See attached archive (Updated 23 June 2018)

Attached Files
File Type: rar HEMS.RAR (54.6 KB, 13 views)

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