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Old 04-29-2004, 15:23
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oh , that is a really good work. thanx.
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Old 04-30-2004, 18:22
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Originally Posted by fulone
Sorry! it's some problem.

"system error: VAssist.dll - File not found, or File access error!"

but VAssistNET.dll successfully patched.

My system: win2kserver, vc6
I encountered the same problem.
You can try EVAcleaner to remove registry Key and file that is stored by armadillo to check expiration and delete the HK_LM\oftware\Licenses manually.
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Old 04-30-2004, 19:14
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i don't know what the problem is...but some details would be helpfull in finding it...
did the patch report the error...
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Old 04-30-2004, 22:20
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I khow that evacleaner helps for 1229 but what with next versions... i have leasen information that thay added additional checking, is it right?
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