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Old 12-31-2003, 19:31
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some unpacking questions

hi folks!
im a newbie, just got my hands on unpacking some programs for self-learning purposes. im interested in unpacking the program from geocities.com/breakpointcomputers. its called wintimer 3.5s, i somehow managed to crack the earlier versions but they changed the registration scheme and packed the executable file. i got my hands on available pe viewers and identifiers out there including peId, pesniffer, and the like. PeId scanned the file and it returned a modified yoda's crypter 1.2 but pesniffer returned a scan of aspack. i used guw32 by christophe gabler and somehow managed to unpack the program but some resources and string datareferences are missing (i might be wrong). please help me unpack or should i say crack this program. im learning a little bit more about this program. thank you and more power to the forum.
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Old 12-31-2003, 19:47
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they must have changed the packer in version 3.51. this is just a simple upx... which can be unpacked with "upx -d"
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Old 01-03-2004, 20:44
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i downloaded upx 1.24d, and it says its not packed with upx. the header section says (.rcep)? what is the packer used? thanks! have you tried to unpack it yourself?
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