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Old 10-24-2021, 00:47
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My target is Hightec compiler for TriCore.
Patching with RLMPubkey reports correct license in License manager.
But when actually trying to to compile - another level of protection activated.
scc.exe reports

Support consistency checker tool: internal error: 0xA0000037
Please contact <[email protected]>

../src/hello.c:1:0: error: error in support consistency checker
../src/hello.c:1:0: error: support consistency check failed
src/subdir.mk:18: recipe for target 'src/hello.o' failed
make: *** [src/hello.o] Error 1

Has anyone seen something like that in other RLM targets ?
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Old 10-24-2021, 06:57
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Could be any kind of custom check - license in a buffer (precomputed with original dsa priv.key), patched file integrity check etc etc.
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