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Old 02-16-2004, 21:01
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Female Arrested!!


19-year-old female virus-writer who goes by the name of "Gigabyte" was arrested Monday, disaffirming the stereotype that hackers are male. According to TechTV, Gigabyte began writing programs when she was just 6-years-old, created her first computer worm at 14 and before turning 18 became only the second person to write a virus in C-sharp, the language of Microsoft's .Net platform. Wow!

Belgian police arrested a 19-year-old female technology student who gained international notoriety for creating computer viruses, local news media reported Saturday. The woman, identified only by her nickname "Gigabyte," was charged with computer data sabotage under legislation introduced in 2000 to deal with cyber-crime, the daily La Libre Belgique reported. If convicted, she faces up to three years in prison and fines of up to euro 100,000 (US$127,000).

Police reportedly released the woman after 24 hours, confiscated her five computers and shut down her Web site. She was arrested Monday in her hometown of Mechelen, 30 kilometers (20 miles) north of Brussels. "She was preparing to publish new viruses on this site," Inspector Olivier Bogaert of the Belgium police was quoted as telling La Libre Belgique.

The Computer Crimes Unit inspector said Gigabyte was an extremely talented student. "I told her it was a pity that she did not put her skills to a more positive use," he told the paper. Her youth and gender helped gain Gigabyte notoriety in the male-dominated world of computer hackers.
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