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Old 03-01-2021, 23:46
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needing help on an older linux game (gcc w/ dwarf) and Ida

it's been a long time since i've opened Ida, at least a decade.
for the past few weeks i've attempted to reacquaint myself with Ida and such by attempting to r.e. an older c++ game. this game was ported to java and some other lang but i have some decent understanding of the network architecture which is my primary focus.

i've been going in circles with Ida. so before i call it a day and wrap this shit up i thought i'd reach out and ask for help.

i think what i'm after is a tutor who has experience dealing with Ida, gcc abi, c++ 11, etc.
i've written mostly straight c and java so being faced with c++ and all its templates, lambda expressions, etc, is becoming a pain in the ass and so is helping Ida discover the rtti related details is equally a nightmare.

happy to compensate for time - provided we make some progress on r.e. the binary.
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