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Old 10-27-2005, 09:29
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Need help on Flexlm checkout filter

Need help on Flexlm checkout filter :

1.set break in _xorname i get the job & structure, use lmrecode to enerated vendor keys and new seeds, build lmcrypt.exe use 9.2 SDK and made a LIC file . but when i use LIC file it still display
Flexlm error -73,125: Local checkout filter rejected request.
2.even i set the 2 bad flag with 0 and 1--introduse by the FLEXlm latest information "Flex2004.htm" by CrackZ , . but it still display the same error -73,125.
3. i already read the Nolan Blender's tutorial about "how crypt filters work "from CracZ site . But for my poor english and this is first time i meet the checkout filters Flexlm app, i still have some dimness about it:
4. Nolan Blender says to build lmcrypt.exe ,we need build lmkeyfil.c file first .Do i must get some special SEEDS for build lmkeyfil.c? like the tutorial :
lmrand1 -filter_gen 1471 2134 4211
5.set a breakpoint in lc_set_attr, i can see lc_set_attr called with a second argument of 0x2D ,is that value LM_A_USER_CRYPT_FILTER? What use does this value have?
6. What use does xorvals[] & permute_t tab1[] have? and how to build it
7. is there anyting i must to do ?
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Old 10-27-2005, 14:54
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Cryptfilters != Checkoutfilters.
(Take a look into lm_attr.h to find info about lc_set_attr values)

If you would have cryptfilters, you'd have to build lmkeyfil.c by yourself
as it is discribed in Nolans essay

If I remember correctly there's a tutorial about checkoutfilters at Crackz
site as well. Check it out again.


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Old 10-28-2005, 10:26
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thanks Ginfix
my target give the :
Flexlm error -73,125: Local checkout filter rejected request.
I see lc_set_attr called with a second argument of 0x2D ,so i think it maybe a LM_A_CHECKOUTFILTER ,
and i just simply patch the function to always return 0,is OK



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Old 11-04-2005, 10:09
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a few days ago, saw a news that the source code is availble.
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