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Old 06-05-2022, 00:05
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java self-contained application packaging cracking

I have an app that uses a JAR file for security. It used to open up javaw.exe. Working on cracking a newer version and it looks like it uses a self-contained application packaging. That's what I think this is. If it just used javaw.exe I could attach a java debugger.

The program now uses DLL files to access the JAR file. Anyone know of a way to attach a java debugger to something like this? Any suggestions?

I've decrypted the JAR file but it but it'd be nice to be able to manipulate the data in real time.
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Old 06-05-2022, 04:58
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It sounds unclear that this new version has anything to do with Java. After all a JAR is just a ZIP archive with a special Metadata folder and Metadata files. If DLLs are being used and Javas executables are not running, then it would been to be reversed like any native code app.
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