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Old 09-08-2017, 06:59
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File To Hex Tool

Simple Hex tool i made time ago in vb6,hope be useful:


+Hex Any kind of file.

+Hex bytes together or separated.

+Custom strings before each hex bytes.

+Replace hex bytes of shellcodes with custom strings.

+Drag and drop.

+Removed need of comdlg32.ocx for working.

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Old 02-22-2018, 13:55
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Some similar tools -

- transforms binary file into asm "db" code. Works very fast.
Produced DB code is DEC for compact resulting ASM code size.
Tested with binary files up to 70Mb size - Ok.

BIN2DB - Another set of BIN->HEX/Dx translators (DOS16CMD) -
- Produce ASM INC file in DB/DW/DD/DQ formats. Q&D, not optimised. But used without changeing
( Made 1st day of a new millenium)) )

HEXDUMP(+SRC) - Old BIN<->HEX translator (c)Adam Rogoyski.
And its remake for WIN32CMD - BIN2HEX.

EMIT (DOS16CMD) - converts BIN files into TurboC call of __emit__(); Ex: __emit__(0x90,0x90,0xCD,0x21);
and EMITc (WIN32CMD) - converts binaries into C-declare, Ex: unsigned char c[]="\x90\xCD\x21";

Uniquely must have.


See also HIEW32 HEM-PlugIn for converting HIEW multibyte selection into C/Asm code - ->MBYTES2.HEM<-

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Old 02-22-2018, 17:20
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Or simply use xxd or hd on linux/osx
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