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Old 03-25-2017, 13:47
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@acme, will be fixed soon..
@Kjacky, he is in the army now.
AT4RE Patcher v0.7.5:
[+] Sniffer files separated from GUI Patcher files.
[+] Added Import list to Offset Patch.
[+] Added Import list from clipboard to Offset Patch.
[+] Added auto detection for Patcher and Sniffer Resources files.
[+] Added variable "%s" for external packer command.
[+] Enhanced double clicking on main list.
[x] Fixed missing code in region routine for Serial Sniffer.
[x] Fixed All cases with 'Target file was not found' error message.
[x] Fixed All cases with 'Empty/Nothing Checked' warning message.
[x] Fixed All cases with 'File is not same structure' warning message.
[x] Fixed All cases with 'Check File CRC32' option does not work in modes: DEC' error message.
[x] Fixed All cases with 'Check File Version' option does not work in modes: Less than/Greater than' error message.
[x] Fixed bug in x64bit loader.
[x] Fixed missing code in External Packer> Clear button.
[x] Other bug fixes and enhancements..[*] Settings version upgraded to version 5.
password as always:www.at4re.com
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at4re, patcher

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