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Old 03-15-2022, 03:25
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How to debug CHPE binaries?

Hi All,

I'm trying to take a look into the inner workings of the dll's in SyChpe32 folder on a arm64 windows.
These files are somehow like ARM64EC just for 32 bit and without a publicly available tool chain.
But this seams to be quite a difficult endeavor, for once IDA can't seemingly properly handle them, also windbg seam to have issues debugging the non x86 part of the process.

I wonder if anyone here has any experience with these and would give me some tips.

What I ultimately want to achieve is to find a way to inject a dll (x86 would be fine) before any non system library gets loaded, also before the crt dll's get loaded.
A x86 hook in LdrLoadDll is just a bit to late. So what I need is some injected arm32 code that will be triggered early enough and load a x86 dll the same way the other dll's are loaded later on.

David X.
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