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Old 11-30-2015, 17:04
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Intel Processor Tracing

Hello all,

Intel release https://github.com/01org/processor-trace library to support processor tracing feature in new CPU.

I read through these examples but not understand how to use it clearly.
Does anyone using it yet ?
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Old 12-02-2015, 22:26
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I never saw until now a processor offering Intel Processor Trace feature
(instruction CPSUID with EAX=7 must return EBX with bit 25 set)
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Old 12-03-2015, 02:07
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Intel site says you have to sign off the NDA in order to get the list of supported CPUs!
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Old 12-04-2015, 03:36
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Skylake i7-6700K / i7-6700HQ has it, for example.
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