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Old 05-04-2004, 11:03
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Smile !Crack Hasp Envelope without dongle!

Now, I have the data of a TimeHasp4 dongle which is dumped by
BrainStudio HaspDumper 1.07. I think this data is brought by hasp
Service 0x3Ch. I trace the routine and I got the data which is decoded
by hasp Service 0x3Dh. I have recoded all dongle exchng data in my
packed progs. Then I made a patch routine for emulating hasp services.
I use Hasp Emul PrePro 2.07 captures some date to my system registry.
Some days ago, I lost my dongle.
Some days ago, the the upgraded prog is used the newest hasp
envelop packing progs.

2. Result.
Hasp Emul PrePro 2.07 can't hold hasp service 3ch and 3dh.
I use Hasp Emul Pro 2.33 a002, but I do not have "dmp to reg" registry.
I found after three time 3D service request for new hasp envelope, a
messagebox popup, and tell me hasp has something wrong. Before this,
I found HaspEmulPro has passed Service(02/3c/02/02) check routine. This
means haspEmulPro has hold the seeds and return codes used by Hasp

3. Thinking
I think I have mastered all necessary data for manual unpacking hasp envelope without the original(Lost) dongle.
But I'm not smart on tracing and unpacking.
Anybody there can help me?
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Old 05-04-2004, 11:09
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Cool Tools I have.

OllyDBG 1.09d
NuMega DriverStudio 3.01
IceExt 0.62
PEiD 0.92
HaspEmulPrePro 2.07
HaspEmulPro 2.33.A002
Win2k SP4+

Anybody there help me?

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Old 12-09-2004, 00:50
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If you have HASP dongle (Enveloped), the first you have to unpack it. With dongle it is easy then you start to patch your application
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Old 06-21-2006, 14:13
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i am having a problem with a hasp, i have got the key, and i have used glasha dmpto reg
then i tried to with a002 emulator but it didnot work it shows the call for 2 4 and it shows no hasp key (the applikation) and to know how the hasp work i used toro dongle monitor its shows lot of iteration of the key (near about 8 iteration) i think it has been protected with some kind of enkription .
so if naybody can help me how to break this kind of hasp ??????????
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Old 07-17-2006, 04:11
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If u have reg file and exe start with some emulator then is piece of cake to unpack exe. You need only ollydbg+imprec+lordpe and some brain.

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Old 07-17-2006, 07:51
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Lock at the dates on these Posts.

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