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Old 09-27-2023, 03:12
CXVUSER CXVUSER is online now
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JEB Decompiler mod by CXV

Requirements: (Only JDK 17.0.X or above), 64-bit OS

Press Generate a Key in welcome window

Mod info(changes):
- fix all integrity checks\timebomb
- Time-limited sessions fixed
- Requires an Internet connection fixed
- dexdec: fix string decrypt via emulation
- dexdec: instruction conversion recovered
- gui: Usage of the clipboard is disallowed fixed
- jdb2: Saving or loading projects is disabled fixed
- android debug enabled
- android native debug enabled
- avrdec: decompiler enabled
- Decompiler exporter fixed
- CF-unflattener, unvirtualizer, native emulator, and plugins fixed
- callgraph enabled

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