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CryptoTester Changelog
**This program requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher in order to run**

## []
+ Key Finder:
+ Added detection of truncated base64 keys
+ Added support for finding ASN.1 key blobs
+ Added support for finding ASN.1 key blobs as ASCII strings
+ Added support for finding raw public modulus and exponent as ASCII strings
+ Added custom round and constant support for ChaCha20 algorithm
+ Added "Edit Title" to window context menu - changes the title of the window
+ Added AES GCM block mode (GCM tag is expected to be appended to the ciphertext)
+ Added Custom padding mode (enter any single byte to use as padding)
+ Added option to compute hash of output during encrypt/decrypt
+ Added support for PEM private RSA PKCS#8 keys
+ Added ECDH-secp256k1, ECDH-ED25519, and Curve25119 key exchanges as derive functions (will ask for Other's Public Key)
+ Added ability for algorithms to change UI labels as appropriate (e.g. "Raw RSA" uses "Modulus" and "Exponent" instead of "Key" and "IV")
+ Added ability for algorithms to enable/disable supported key format radio buttons
+ Added ability for algorithms to accept no key (e.g. ROT13, CertUtilEncode)
+ Added AutoIT (MT) RNG algorithm
+ Added checkbox to toggle syncronized scrolling of hex views
+ Added support for "Drop N" to RC4 algorithm (parses as an integer string)
+ Added coloring of 0x00 bytes in hex views (dark gray)
+ Added Sosemanuk algorithm and unit test
+ Added CRC32 and MD4 hash algorithms
+ Added String Encoder tool - convert between ASCII/UTF8/UTF16 strings and bytes
+ Added export of public/private keys to clipboard in RSA Calculator
+ Added ASN.1 export to RSA Calculator
+ Added OAEP_SHA1, OAEP_SHA256, OAEP_384, and OAEP_512 padding modes (for RSA)
+ Added custom "Position" (Advanced -> Custom) to manually set the stream position used in Salsa20/ChaCha20
+ Added custom "Matrix" (Advanced -> Custom) to manually set the initial state used in Salsa20/ChaCha20 (parses the key, nonce, constant, and stream position)
+ Added support for CNG RSA key blobs in Blob Analyzer, RSA Calculator, and for encrypt/decrypt
+ Added "Sum XOR" stream cipher - a running sum is created from each byte of the key and XOR'd with the plaintext (i.e. seen in MountLocker ransomware)
+ Added "RC4 Custom Sbox" algorithm (parses as an integer string)
+ Added checkbox for appending Input text or base64
+ Added ability to reverse input bytes (Advanced -> Reverse Input Bytes)
+ Minor updates to library dependencies
+ Fixed AES CFB mode decryption for inputs not % blocksize (overcomes bug in .NET provider)
+ Fixed ECB mode to ignore IV if provided
+ Fixed HiddenTear preset
+ Fixed Generate Keystream operation using offset > 0
+ Added support for offset < 0 to Generate Keystream operation (syncs end of file relatively based on smaller file)
+ RSA Calculator now calculates N from P and Q if not provided
+ Fixed support for ASN.1 private RSA PKCS#1 keys that have an outer sequence
+ Fixed support for ASN.1 public RSA PKCS#1 keys that have an inner sequence
+ Fixed import/use of PEMs with missing positive byte marker on parameters
+ Fixed crash on short key found in Bruteforce Keys tool
+ Fixed Base Encoder to accept larger inputs
+ Fixed RSA key verification to allow other solutions for D (was causing verification to fail on legitimate keys)
+ Fixed hex views scrolling two lines instead of one per scroll click
+ Fixed hex views synced scrolling with scrollbar and keys
+ Fixed File Option -> Offset to assume relative to end of input if parsed value is negative
+ Fixed duplicate output from Key Finder when it was opened and closed multiple times
- Removed ECB analysis in Compare (wasn't working correctly)
|_ Replaced with Hash Analysis (checks for digest of Original in Encrypted)

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A nice tool from ransomware analysis expert!
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