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Old 09-07-2005, 22:17
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Ida2Sice crashes Softice?!

Hey guys, my concern is the following:

since I upgraded to the new version of ida, I have a problem with the Ida2Softice (4.7) plugin that worries me. I recompiled it for ida 4.8 per hand, but wondered as my windows screwed up in an blue screen of death (hehe, of course "blue screens of death" are past in Win XP, as billy says , or not...) addressed by a fault in ntice.sys, as I loaded the symbole file with the symbole loader. My hypothesis is, that the symbole file generated by the Ida2Sice plugin must be corrupt and de facto trigger some heavy fault in the symbol loader. I'm very interested in knowing if I'm the only person here, that has this problem with ida v. 4.8!

Hints and solutions are welcome


PS: I forgot to mention (apparent) that this problem don't occur with ida 4.7 on my side...
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