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Thumbs up Sandsprite VB Decompiler Source Code

This is the Sandsprite VB Decompiler Source Code which used to be on Github but is no longer available.

The original repo used to be at:
but the source code is not available from the past few years.

This is a copy of the FORK from github before it was removed. It is not mine. It was found on the internet.
It is very useful to check this source code to learn about p-code and decompiling VB in general.

Official details from its readme:

VbDec is a free VB6 P-Code Disassembler and debugger.

  • List structs, api, function names and offsets for all Vb6 binaries
  • Generate IDA scripts for functions and structures
  • Determine prototypes for public members
  • Properly disassemble and resolve most common VB6 P-code
  • Powerful search UI for code, funcs, strings, opcodes, and structures.
  • Live debugging of P-Code exes w/ single stepping, breakpoints etc.
  • Live stack display with diffing to highlight changes
  • Data viewer for Variant, Date, Array, etc
  • Memory window displays data for multiple types with click navigation
  • Ability to persistently patch memory, nop instructions
  • Modify stack values and reset EIP in the debugger.
  • Disassembly viewer supports renaming functions, adding comments
  • Click to navigate functions in disasm and esc go back in history
  • Ability to resolve class names from live object pointers in debugger
  • COM aware: dynamically lookup libraries and resolve function names
  • Export disassembly to database
  • Explore VB6 internal structures, calculate offsets
  • Constant pool viewer to manually explore data
  • Can be automated through a plugin framework or Javascript
  • Script editor supports syntax highlighting and basic intellisense.
  • Supports command line execution

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Anyone have any Tutorial using VbDec as debugger and decompiler?

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Youtube playlist
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Semi-VB-Decompiler v0.09 Build 1.0.65 source code by VBGAMER45


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I actually do hope to open source the full build some day. I would like to give it time to collect some donations first though.

The initial push on this project was about 8 months full time while I
was unemployed and living out of my bank account.

This fork is maybe a month in. The full tool is completely free. Not a single
feature is held back from the structure dumps, pcode debugger, script automation, command line support, ida scripts etc.

I also continue to publish a bunch of in depth articles and vids on vb reversing

VB6 P-Code Disassembly

Writing a VB6 P-Code Debugger

VB6 P-Code Obfuscation

Binary Reuse of VB6 PCode Functions

Recovery of VB6 function prototypes

It would be cool if this old fork was kept private until I get around to releasing the full thing in my own time though.
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