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Old 06-04-2020, 09:08
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Importing C++ classes into Ghidra?

I have a binary and I have some C++ class definitions that go with that binary. Is there some way I can import them into Ghidra so I can use them in the decompiler?
Or alternatively is there a way to import the definitions from IDA somehow?
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Old 06-04-2020, 15:03
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In IDA there is a nice plugin named ClassInformer, but it just scans the vtbls/rtti, not importing...
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Old 06-04-2020, 15:16
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There are some C++ focused plugins for Ghidra that may help/be useful for this similar kind of thing. Although, I'm not sure if either have the exact feature you are requesting. (I haven't tested these personally.)

Personal Projects Site: https://atom0s.com
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TQN (06-05-2020)
Old 06-05-2020, 13:14
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@JonhWill, you can export your vmt tables to structures in a .h file, and in Ghidra, you can import it into
Many script and plugin in IDA can export VMT tables to structs.
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