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Old 03-02-2022, 13:55
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Conti Tools & Info Leak

Full Conti operation tools, manuals and other things like logs have leaked. For more information:


For download:


NOTE: Conti_Locker_v2 (Conti Ransomware) is without .cpp files. Only headers.

I guess they don't want everyone compiling it even though it seems it is older version of the ransomware (modified 2020).

There is a full zip that contains the .cpp files which is password protected and some say there is a version that is not password protected but hard to find.

But, both archives (without password and with password) have the same R3ADME3.txt file which can be used as plain-text attack on the password protected one...

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Full source code. Lots of potential bugs and not OPSEC wise at all so use only for study:


Pass: infected
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