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Old 06-09-2004, 09:29
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Of mice and men and ftp space

(famous last words) I mean no harm but...

Have you noticed there's an awful amount of ftp space wasted due to either duplication or files that aren't "programming or cracking stuff"?

Example: In the ftp's "download" area I found the following duplicates:

BCGControlBar Library v6.33 Uploaded_By_NightLight

Compuware.DevPartner.Studio.Professional.Edition.v7.2_Uploaded_by_Cadarin Durango




... and in the "incoming" folder:

Intel Math Kernel Library_uploaded_by_MARZBAN (already in ftp)
PEBrowse_Professional v7.0.2_WinALL_uploaded_by_sf42 (available from author's webpage)
PEBrowse_Professional_Interactive_7.4.2_WinALL_uploaded_by_sf42 (available from author's webpage)
Powerbasic.v7.04 (I think already in ftp)

... lastly, I don't think this files should be in the ftp:

CRC Press - Forensic Engineering Investigation
Mathematica 5.0 - uploaded by sort

Maybe the rules should include a note about "check if the software you're about to upload already is in the ftp"

Comments anyone?

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Old 06-09-2004, 23:36
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Thanks for your suggestion. But only Aaron has the admin rights to delete dupe files.
AKA Solomon/blowfish.
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Old 06-10-2004, 04:41
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I also see these :
GNU_Compiler_Collection_3.3_Source_Code 22M
Linux_Source_Code_Uploaded_By_Kinsky 131M

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