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Old 04-15-2004, 22:26
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Exclamation Program and Dislexia

This is really stupid, but i do it because of the situation my friend is.

He is dislexic and have his father on a wheel-chair. His mother is the only one that takes money home, so no money to spend in computer program.

The program is a program that helps dislexic people to work out with theyr sort of illness. (Typing program with voice reading text, specicic for that use).

My target is C.A.R.L.O II, i can provide a link if someone wants to help.

When i run it, a form pops up saying it is demonstration version and that i have to register it with a floppy key disk. After 2 minutes the program quits displaying the same form.

The program is coded in Borland C++ and not protected.

I searched the strings but some of them reside in a txt file, and some others, loading it with wdasm are not found (they are there though, because opening the exe with notepad i can see them).

Is there someone that helps me trying to crack this program?
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Old 04-16-2004, 15:31
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