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Old 09-06-2015, 11:14
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Hello guys, well after collect a lot stuff myself, I come here to share with all community, really a lot stuff very helpful to create your own NFO or ASCI Art, this pack contain in total 60 tools, so well I hope you like it and we see how much creative you are.

ACiD View 4.36f for DOS - Multi-Image Viewer (RaD Man, Skull Leader).iso
ANSI View Special Edition (Unknown).iso
ANSI-Digitalizer 2.2 DOS (Jim Matczak).iso
Ansilove 1.11-PHP (Frederic Cambus).iso
ArtCine NFO Creator 2.0 (nfo-creator.com).iso
ASCII Animator 2.0 (QQPR).iso
ASCII Art 0.2 (XSDNYD).iso
ASCII Art Generator 3.2.2.iso
ASCII Art Maker 1.72.iso
ASCII Art Studio 2.2.1 + Crack.iso
ASCII Factory 0.6p (kenet).iso
ASCII GCTB 1 10 (t2Eservo).iso
ASCII Generator 2.0.0 + Source.iso
ASCII Pic 2.0 (567=9).iso
ASCIIMagic 1.1 (JituOnline).iso
AT4RE nFo Editor 0.2 (Mouradpr).iso
BG ASCII 1.32 (Boris Glazer).iso
Characterizer 1.0 (olej).iso
Compact NFO Viewer 1.2.2 (CubicDesign).iso
Cool Beans NFO Creator (Cool Beans Software).iso
CorePHP NFO Viewer 1.1 (Richard Davey).iso
DAMN NFO Viewer 2.10.0031 RC3 (Ivanopulo).iso
DIZzy 1.12 (Dariousz Stanislawek).iso
elton's NFO Builder 2000 1.02 (elton).iso
Email Effects 1.6 Shareware.iso
Feuer's NFO File Maker 2.0.iso
Flexible ASCII Banner Software 1.0.iso
Flying Code NFO Viewer 1.0 (Peter Bonnen).iso
GetDIZ 4.9 (Outertech).iso
iNFekt 0.9.5 (Cxxjoe).iso
Java ASCII Versatile Editor 6.0 RC2 (Markus Gebhard).iso
Magic ASCII Studio 2.2.288 + Crack.iso
Music NFO Builder 1.20 (DonateWare).iso
Muzzy NFO Creator (MUZZY).iso
NFO & BBcode Maker 1.3 (X2k15).7z
NFO Creator 3.5.2.iso
NFO Screen Saver (fyxr).iso
NFO Sighting 0.9.437 (Roger Helliwell).iso
NFO Studio 2.0 (Jonathan Pittock).iso
NFO Viewer 1.16 Linux (Independent).iso
NFO Viewer Creator [QuAdR].iso
NFOlux 1.0 Demo (NFOlux).iso
NFOmakeR 1.0 (TMG).iso
NFOPad 1.6 (Anders Lind, Anders Nivfors).iso
NFOSTONERS 0.0.1f (daYOda).iso
NFOViewer 0.3 beta 3 Mac (Kris Gybels).iso
nG! NFO Generator 1.0.4 (TryAndError).iso
ODDiTY NFO Checker (Azzyrian).iso
PabloDraw 3.2 (Eto).iso
PabloView 0.92 (Eto).iso
QuickNFO 0.77 (aurora studios).iso
SigZag .99.iso
SlyNFO Viewer (MetalloSoft).iso
SMNsoft NFO Maker 1.0 (SMNsoft).iso
THETA NFO Viewer 2.2 (Froggy).iso
TundraDraw 0.1.1 (veediot).iso
ZS Ascii Maker1.0 + Source.iso
ZS-Nfo Creator 1.0 (Zephio).iso


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