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Old 02-14-2024, 00:39
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Hi there, I'm a wannabe reverse guy, I'm a tech agnostic who enjoy to play with various tools on various targets on various OS for various reasons.
Thanks for letting me in, hope to be able to share knowledge sometimes
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Old 02-17-2024, 12:07
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Old UNIX dog trying to preserve software


I'm a not so young developer with mostly experience in the UNIXes world. I'm looking forward to share the knowledge I have, and discuss software preservation with whomever might be interested.
By software preservation I mean the countless applications that literally vanished, evaporated from an entire era of computing. In most cases vendors went bankrupt, or were acquired, then acquired again, changed businesses. Even if you wanted a new key for your old Sparc Solaris license server for that critical piece of old obsolete software that is central to your business, no one now has the ability to generate them.
For most, getting the actual software itself is already a challenge. In most cases, impossible. Getting licenses, is a crazy proposition and leaves one to fend for himself. And what to do when you do find a way to get that crucial piece of software of vanished vendor X running on your OpenVMS server?
Someone somewhere might be interested in having a license too. Computer museums perhaps.
Anyway, now that the motivation was presented, you know a bit about me. I'm looking forward to having interesting discussions with you.

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