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Old 10-27-2019, 00:44
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PCGuardKeygen - PCGuard key tool

PCGuardKeygen - PC Guard key tool
PC Guard V6/v5 DEMO keygen is able to:
1. Generate button:
Generate "Activation Code" for PC Guard,
serials are generated from "Program ID" and "Site Code" (HID)
2. Decode button
Decode "Program ID" from "Activation Code" and "Site Code" (HID)
3. Verify button
Verify "Activation Code" and "Site Code" is required,
Not too strong check since just check 1 CRC32 byte.
4. Brute Site button
Decode "Program ID" from "Activation Code" while "Site Code"
is brute forced; SiteCollection.binary is generated containing
"Site Code"+" "+"Program ID"+0D0A (last is newline termination)
This will not test if "Program ID" is valid, a new tools has
to be created for that task.

"Program ID" has 24 hexadecimal numbers length (3 dwords)
"Site Code" has 8 hexadecimal numbers length (1 dword)
"Activation Code" is like: 7000074C-9598DD6C-78CBB23F-EF0156B4

Expected time for 4. Brute Site button would be approximately 4 hours.
Attached Files
File Type: zip PCGuardKeygen_src_VC6.zip (45.9 KB, 93 views)
File Type: zip PCGuardKeygenExe.zip (6.6 KB, 96 views)
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