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Old 02-20-2004, 05:36
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Question to JMI

Sometimes I am very careful about what I post here, but I see that many people are not so careful, but I am wondering how safe it is to post stuff here?

Say if company 'X' didn't like someone's post and they demanded that you give them the poster's IP, would you give? Or since the server is in China they have no rights to the IP?

How secure can we feel about posting stuff?

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Old 02-20-2004, 06:16
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I am not connected with the ownership and/or administration of this website and/or ftp in any manner, other than that I serve as a moderator of the Forums. I have no imput or control over such decisions, but I believe the Forum and FTP are on a server located in China and do not believe that M$, who has the most active net police has much influence and no power in that country.

I have no information whether the Forum here is even keeping records on IP's but if you have any concerns about that issue, I suggest that you, or anyone else concerned, check in to anomyous surfing through the use of proxy servers. There are many free ones located around the world.

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