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Old 03-10-2024, 23:20
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Originally Posted by Gregory Morse View Post
Yeah, I agree. It's just so sad how many these days try to sell the crack and make money.
I used to release so many crack back in my day for free!
Rumor has it over at now defunct TIRA, they used to smoke crack, and gave away picture releases of their buttcrack for free. That summarizes the past 5 years in that dark corner. No actual reversing took place lol
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Old 03-15-2024, 22:54
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When I was releasing people were profitting from my work so I stopped.. It was supposed to be fun and free.
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Old 03-16-2024, 12:47
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Originally Posted by cybercoder View Post
When I was releasing people were profitting from my work so I stopped.. It was supposed to be fun and free.
well, it's all about intention... if you want to make crack for free just do so if you want your name to be heard and not others who sell crack that's can be done also.. however one thing for sure if you can't stop piracy how can you expect a pirated things to be pirate also...

so stop worrying about others selling your crack.. if you want to do it, just do it; otherwise, don't. simple.
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Old 03-16-2024, 19:50
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I was like that for 3 yrs since mid 2020 and released some might help someone

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Old 03-24-2024, 13:29
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I think new dongles (like wibu codemeter for example) should the next challenge here. otherwise I personally will feel like a looser not winner. Mobile devices are different and could be started in a different forum.
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Old 03-25-2024, 07:50
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my advise to said person would be: focus on mobile, embedded and hardware. don't waste time on software, or PC based operating systems.
Best Wishes,



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