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Old 07-10-2002, 00:41
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The Best Enc / Com DETECTOR

Hi ,
I'm very tired .. I have tried all the tools that I know to check a file and to know the encryption tool used ..

LANGUAGE + file insPEctor + pe-scan 2.02 + ..

Can I find a tool the can help me ??
What is the best for scaning files ??

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Old 07-10-2002, 03:47
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> What is the best for scaning files ??

IMHO, of course

Url: h**p://lakoma.tu-cottbus.de/~herinmi/files/FI250.ZIP
size: 233335


Url: h**p://linux20368.dn.net/protools/files/utilities/fi.zip
size: 234718

FileIno v2.50
+---------------------------------------+ -
coded by M.Hering JUN-11-2002 -
+---------------------------------------+ -
two modi: listings or show of files -
graphical bytes-analyzer-screen -
Detection? look inside . -
needs to run 450 KB, resident 20 KB - works good with HIEW v6.82
can handle 9 different ext. batches - greetings to SEN
+---------------------------------------+ -
improved second pe-header layout -
rewritten pe detections, Borland C++ -
and still better 4 UPX & Asproducts -
improved trap detection com/exe -
new KEYPRESS function used (t.slice) -
+ some binder/trojan detections -
+---------------------------------------+ -
Minor bugs and more detections! -
L=======================================- -
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Old 07-26-2002, 02:11
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Talking FI beat the rest

i have tryed many file identifier...(at least all i know)
believe me FileInfo is the best i have ever seen...

Greeting to Michel. H

PEace say Arabize
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