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Old 01-31-2002, 10:32
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Some bugs in TR 2.52

There are some bugs(if it is) in TR 2.52.
First,TR 2.52 cannot unpack CrackStop 1.03 properly,while TR 2.03 and earlier can.
Second,TR 2.52 cannot trace NTSHELL 2.01 through,while TR 1.99 can.TR 2.52 always hang on INT 6 caused by NTSHELL 2.01 on purpose.
Third,TR 2.52 always halt on some DOS calls such as AX=35XX,AX=25XX.Sometimes if you set HERE by pressing F7 in the code window,it can run properly.
Fourth,TR 2.52 cannot run some Borland Pascal programs properly.e.g,when I was cracking CEXEC.EXE(version 0.9),TR 2.52 hanged on some CALLs.
And what's more,let's find them together.
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