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Old 05-03-2020, 11:42
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Rust/WinRT Public Preview

Rust/WinRT follows in the tradition established by C++/WinRT of building language projections for the Windows Runtime using standard languages and compilers, providing a natural and idiomatic way for Rust developers to call Windows APIs. Rust/WinRT lets you call any WinRT API past, present, and future using code generated on the fly directly from the metadata describing the API and right into your Rust package where you can call them as if they were just another Rust module.

AKA Solomon/blowfish.
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Old 05-03-2020, 23:20
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Really nice to see that Rust is slowly becoming a first-class citizen in the Microsoft ecosystem.
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Old 05-05-2020, 03:22
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Soon: Rust.net / R# (This application needs at least .NET Framework of version 6.9 to run)
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