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Old 04-04-2015, 03:13
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RLMSearch v0.1

RLMSearch v0.1

Like FlexLMSearch does for FlexLM, this tool helps to find files protected with RLM / RepriseLM and extracts the version information. I coded this for myself, as i was too lazy to actually search for the protected files. Infact it does nothing special, but maybe any of you sees any use in it. The task it does could easily be done using a simple bash script.

The .jar is not obfuscated and consists of only one class. Hence i do not supply the source code, as its implicitly there.

The tool requires Java to run.

RLMSearch v0.1 - by QuakeGamer - 2o15 -

Usage: java -jar RLMSearch.jar <path> [-nonpe] [-v]
	 -nonpe: Scans files not ending with .dll or .exe.
	 -a:     Print absolute paths.
	 -v:     Verbose version output.
Run with with

java -jar RLMSearch.jar

Password: [email protected]
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repriselm, rlm

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