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Old 02-28-2018, 17:35
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Thumbs up Windows Update Disabler v1.0

A lot of friend advised me that even though I deleted this thread 2 days ago, I should go ahead and once again post this tool, as many have found it helpful. That is why I am once again posting this tool:

A small tool that I coded that would enable us to TURN OFF and TURN ON Windows Updates as per our wish.

CONFIRMED WORKING for Windows 10 versions upto and including the Release 1709. Not sure if it would work for later versions (did not test).

When we are debugging something and need to stay connected to the internet but do not want the OS attempting to download updates (and maybe restart) at that time, then we can use this tool to temporarily turn off the check for updates.
Do not worry in case your AV detects this as malware - Its a false positive.


SHA256: 4938d88398c30487b7d6de743b306ab016c153c05ba483bd14b0df0803f604b2
MD5 : 5960a804cd244005cb909b84a3515527

Please do not use this tool to turn off the updates permanently as this could put your computer at risk


After a lot of scrutiny, we came to the conclusion that there was no code actually "copied" in this tool.

Just to clear any confusion,my legal dept further confirmed that it's specifically "plagiarism" mainly if any code etc is copied verbatim and also that, the particular piece of code must be "unique" , identifiable and able to be traced back to be the original work of the earlier author, to be considered a violation of copyright at all .

Borrowing an "idea" does not apparently require specific credits to be given to anyone.

Otherwise many of us, whenever we write a program, would have to create a long list of credits :
Credits to the professors who taught us coding in college, credits to authors of textbooks we'd used 20 years ago etc etc

Also, a "script-kiddie" can be defined as someone who makes use of scripts and code belonging to others without an understanding of the underlying mechanisms or code. I most certainly am not one.

That is why I decided to re-upload this tool again.

Wanted this to be a "Informational Post" and hence thought that I should lock this thread.
I know that the mods can unlock it, but when given the choice, I decided that it would in the best interest of all to keep this locked.

My one and ONLY wish is that this and any other tools that I'd release in the future would be helpful to one and all


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