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Old 01-31-2018, 03:18
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WinCE Floating-Point operators - HELP

Hi All,

A have a function in Windows CE with some floating point calculations over an elapsed seconds value. Unfortunatally I don't understand the second part of this function. So I would like to ask your help to decode it. This is the fcuntion in IDA:

dert:00001638 sub_1638                               
dert:00001638                                         ; DATA XREF: dert:00006008↓o
dert:00001638                 STMFD   SP!, {R4,LR}
dert:0000163C                 MOV     R0, #0
dert:00001640                 BL      getElapsedSeconds ; Get elapsed time in seconds
dert:00001644                 LDR     R3, =_i64tos
dert:00001648                 LDR     R3, [R3]
dert:0000164C                 MOV     LR, PC
dert:00001650                 BX      R3              ; _i64tos(secs) //convert eleapsed secs to Single Precision float
dert:00001654                 LDR     R3, =_divs
dert:00001658                 LDR     R1, =2592000.0  ; 30 days in seconds
dert:0000165C                 LDR     R3, [R3]
dert:00001660                 MOV     LR, PC
dert:00001664                 BX      R3              ; _divs(secs/30 days)
dert:00001668                 LDR     R3, =_stod
dert:0000166C                 LDR     R3, [R3]
dert:00001670                 MOV     LR, PC
dert:00001674                 BX      R3              ; Convert the result tp Double precision float
dert:00001678                 LDR     LR, =_subd
dert:0000167C                 LDR     R2, =0xEB851EB8 ; Not used (float: -3.2186e26)
dert:00001680                 LDR     R3, =0x3FDEB851 ; Not used (1.74)
dert:00001684                 LDR     R4, [LR]
dert:00001688                 MOV     LR, PC          ; subd => Double precision substraction, what are the operands?
dert:0000168C                 BX      R4
dert:00001690                 LDR     R3, =_dtoi
dert:00001694                 LDR     R3, [R3]
dert:00001698                 MOV     LR, PC
dert:0000169C                 BX      R3              ; _dtoi() Convert double back to int
dert:000016A0                 LDMFD   SP!, {R4,LR}
dert:000016A4                 BX      LR              ; return
So there is 2 note used constants, and on double precision substarction where I don't know the second operand (the first must be the return valus of _divs(secs/30 days)).

The C code generated by Hex-ray is the following:

int sub_1638()
  signed int v0; // r0
  int v1; // r0
  int v2; // r0
  int v3; // r0
  int v4; // r0

  v0 = getElapsedSeconds(0);
  v1 = i64tos(v0);
  v2 = divs(v1, 0x4A1E3400);
  v3 = stod(v2);
  v4 = subd(v3);
  return dtoi(v4);
Hex-Ray decode the substraction with only 1 operand. It's incorrect becasue it's need 2 arguments:

So everybody can help me to decode the floating point operations over the elapsed seconds?

Thanks and regards,
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