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Old 12-02-2022, 12:54
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Exetools changed my life

Hi to all,
now that the scene in forums is down (still alive but going down) I want to tell you my history:
I am 50 years old, got at this forum at 2004. I discovered this forum and join it. I was programmer for hobby, not my job and learn in this forum how to defeat protections, unpack, reversing, etc... In 2005 crack Winzip shareware with your tuts and start a new way in my life. Put in Spanish scene a lot of free cracks to let people access to expensive software (in those years, free soft like now was impossible).
I started to crack OCX and then all Visual Basic stuff was for me, I had access to ALL libraries and professional SDKs trials. It was like all commercial SDK were free to me. Then, I was making big software and learning coding. A new job was in my life, programmer. When I made commercial soft, I bought the cracked SDKs by me. Then, I was making better soft with better results because at design time, I always could test any library or SDK at first to ensure my app will do any thing. Ocr, Facial Recognition, H264 SDk, etc..., etc... all my customers need I can put in my software for free at first and make the payment when I got profit.
Now I got a very decent life, got a lot of money making apps and all started here 18 years ago. So is for justice to SAY THANKS to this forum. A lot of friends are not here now, but others are still so THANKS TO LET CHANGE MY FAMILY LIFE and make my hobby be my job today. MAybe it was not the more legacy way but today I can say that have bought more commercial SDKs and software that other programmers, a lot of money for people that was craked previously by me. When I left to crack spanish soft, a lot of people had to buy new vers. because they was very dependent of that apps, so I am in peace with my reversing job. Now I'm very happy to tell you my history, a history that changed my life that started here.
Sorry for the bad english and for the long text,
I will be here while the forum will be live and I will not die
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