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Where do programs store the check against Volume ID (HWID, Volume Serial, etc.)?

Where do programs store the check against Volume ID (HWID, Volume Serial, etc.)?

A software trial I'm trying to reset doesn't appear to store the trial data via file OR registry, unless it's somehow using methods to hide the writes (file + registry) from Process Monitor. It also isn't storing it anywhere via network. A complete uninstall + reinstall still detects that a trial already occurred.

I do know, however, that by changing the hard drive's volume ID (HWID, volume serial) it suddenly resets the trial when installing (after uninstalling), as the software sees it as a new computer.

So the software is storing the initial volume ID/serial somewhere... any idea where it might be stored? Or how I could locate where it's storing it (and how it's doing this)? I'm asking more for reference rather than just getting the software to work.
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