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Old 02-18-2004, 21:16
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DriverStudio 3.1 Viaagp.sys Bluescreen

I'm running into a BAD problem with DriverStudio 3.1 and
my Windows 2000 boxes.

After installing DS3.1 with a manual (or auto) start to softice
I'm getting a fatal blue screen on startup with an critical
error in viaagp.sys.

It happens on both computers with fresh installs as well.
Tried both Universal video driver and std VGA, same prob.
I'm wondering if it may have anything to do with the use
of Via-4in1 drivers. (Both comps using versions 1.436's)
Or due to both boxes running MS Service Pack 3.

Box 1 is Althon XP 2100/1.436 4in1/Geforce4/Win2kServer
Box 2 is Ath Thunderbird 1.3/1.436 4in1/Geforce3/Win2kPro

Due to possible compatibility problems with other programs
I run for work I have not tried the latest Win Service Pack
or more recent/older 4in1's.

A search of Compuware's Knowledge base did not have
anything that I found.

Anyone else have similar prob?
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Old 02-19-2004, 02:37
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DS 3.1 Pb

i remember having same problem with DS 2.7, i've solved this Pb and now not tested it with new versions (3.0 & 3.1).

The Pb was : the VIA 4 in 1 driver (especially the agp driver), in this time i removed it (in fact i had re-installed the OS without this nasty driver) and all worked fine after that !

Try it !
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