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Old 02-22-2010, 23:39
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How to pass the large data in kernel mode to user mode?

I need to pass the large data in kernel mode to user mode. So, i created a file from kernel mode and write request data to new file.
Do you can show other method for me, please?.Thanz u to help me.
This is my source in kernel mode:
			Status = ZwQuerySystemInformation(
							 _SystemProcessesAndThreadsInformation, pBuffer,0, &cb_x); 
			_snprintf(buffer,255,"ROOTKIT: Get var cb_x 1: %4X  \n",cb_x);
if (cb_x!=0)
  		pBuffer = ExAllocatePool (NonPagedPool, cb_x); 
			if (pBuffer == NULL) // if memory allocation failed, exit
      		DbgPrint("ROOTKIT: ExAllocatePool failed");
      		DbgPrint("ROOTKIT: ExAllocatePool OK");

					Status = ZwQuerySystemInformation(
					_SystemProcessesAndThreadsInformation, pBuffer, cb_x, &cb_x);

					_snprintf(buffer,255,"ROOTKIT: Get var cb_x 2: %4X  \n",cb_x);

InitializeObjectAttributes(&oa, &g_usFileName,
if (Status_f == STATUS_SUCCESS)
        DbgPrint("ROOTKIT: File created\n");
        Status_f=ZwWriteFile(hFile, 0, NULL, NULL,&iosb, 
                        pBuffer,cb_x, NULL, NULL);

    			_snprintf(buffer,255,"ROOTKIT: Can't create file. Status: %08X\n",(ULONG)Status_f );
			ExFreePool(pBuffer); // free the memory associated with the buffer 

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Old 02-23-2010, 08:05
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You can allocate a buffer in user process, then send an IOCTL to the driver with this memory, and then call MmGetSystemAddressForMdlSafe(Irp->MdlAddress) in the driver.
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benina (02-23-2010)
Old 02-24-2010, 02:25
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Be very careful using this method if you move the code to 64bit, or if there is possibility of a 32 bit client running on 64bit windows sending this ioctrl to a 64bit driver.

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benina (02-24-2010)
Old 03-06-2010, 04:50
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Isn't the mapping being done automatically correct when running a 32 bit
application accessing a 64 Bit driver ...
... or did i only had (by accident) a lot of luck ?
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